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Extra Fine Arrowroot

Founded more than 45 years ago with just 10 grasscloths in a garage, we are considered the ultimate source for natural wallcovering.
Our grasscloths are handcrafted by artisans using only the finest materials and come in a variety of colors. We have the largest selection
in stock and ready to ship to you today.

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Love it Linen and Silk and Abaca

Fine fabrics add warmth and subtle texture to your walls. Our textiles are meticulously laminated and treated with anti-fray
and stain repellency finishes to ensure ease of installation and exceptional durability, and are stocked in our New Jersey warehouse. 

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The art of paper weaving began centuries ago in Japan and is still practiced today by artisans throughout the world.
Handcrafted natural paper is dyed prior to weaving to create a virtually seamless wallcovering. With the largest selection,
best quality, and fastest delivery, we aim to make the design process easy and inspiring.
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Concrete Washi and Yacht Club

Handcrafted paper, metallic leaf, wood veneer, color wash, and unique relief are the hallmarks of this wallcovering collection. 
Step by meticulous step, artisans create works-of-art for your walls. Consider this your fast track to fabulous walls.

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Vinyl Tailored Linens and Vinyl Basketry

Our performance vinyl collection is developed to reproduce the look and feel of our handcrafted natural wallcoverings.
Made and stocked in the USA, these durable, washable wallcoverings can be used in high-traffic and damp areas. 

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